Striped Power - The Świętokrzyski Art Weaving

Świętokrzyskie weaving for Cepelia

The Świętokrzyski Art Weaving
The Folk Arts and Crafts Co-operativeWoollen Rugs
Woollen RugsWoollen Cushion-cases and Wollen Aprons
Świętokrzyski BeltsLinen Table-cloths with a set of doilies
The Folk Song and Dance Ensemble “Przepióreczka”The Children's Folk Group “Przepióreczka”
Świętokrzyskie weaving for Cepelia, photo 10

For the needs of Cepelia „Świętokrzyskie weaving mill” in Bodzentyn made woolen craft including kilims, aprons, runners and pillows with distinctive striped pattern in a traditional range of colours with dominant black and red, and tablecloths and linen bobbins.

Aprons called Świętokrzyskie stood out among big amount of craft. They were patterned on aprons worn by country women.

Design of craft made in the cooperative especially woolen fabrics was constantly enriched. Among other things ethnographic camp organized by Cepelia in 1970 contributed to it. Its participants committed themselves to provide new motives and decorative patterns through a search made in the country aiming at finding examples of ancient works.