Striped Power - The Świętokrzyski Art Weaving


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Establishment of the Cooperative of Folk Craftwork in the 50’s and its functioning contributed to popularization of the tradition of folk, artistic design and of Bodzentyn itself in Poland and abroad. (a prize for services for Kielce region in 1979).

Today hardly anyone knows a glorious history of this institution. Its output (about 200 patterns) lies in the State Archives in Kielce and is inaccessible to ordinary people. Only few female workers handed down their skills to daughters, who try to make use of this know-how as an additional asset in running tourism farms.

Realizing the project „Moc pasiaka” we restore remembrance about cultural heritage of  “Świetokrzyskie weaving mill” in Bodzentyn. We do it through the presentation of the artistic output of the cooperative, the teenagers’ involvement in the process of discovering local history and tradition, the conduct of weaving workshops, the exhibition of photos and other exhibits connected with the weaving mill in Bodzentyn.